List of Passengers Air France
June 4, 2009, 9:44 am
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A list of the named crew and passengers aboard Air France Flight 447, which crashed in the Atlantic Ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris carrying 228 people:

-Luiz Roberto Anastacio, 50; Brazilian; president for South America, Michelin

-Mateus Antunes, Brazilian

-Octavio Antunes, Brazilian

-Patricia Antunes, Brazilian

-Stephane Artiguenave, 35; French; salesman at electrical distributor CGED

-Sandrine Artiguenave, 34; French

-Silvio Barbato, Brazilian, former conductor for the Rio de Janeiro Municipal Theater Orchestra

-Valnizia Betzler, Brazilian

-Pierre-Cedric Bonin, 32; French; co-pilot of AF447

-Pedro Luis de Orleans e Braganca, 26; Brazilian; descendent of Brazil’s last emperor

-Isabelle Bonin, 36; French; wife of AF447 co-pilot Pierre-Cedric Bonin

-Aisling Butler, 26; Irish, of Roscrea, Ireland; doctor

-Vanderleia Carraro, Brazilian

-Julia Chaves de Mirandas Chmi, Brazilian

-Leticia Chem, Brazilian

-Roberto Chem, Brazilian

-Vera Chem, Brazilian

-Chen Chiping, 53, Chinese; wife of Liaoning province’s vice mayor, vice manager of a trade company under Benxi Iron & Steel

-Chen Qingwei, 35, Chinese; resident of central Chinese city of Wuhan, had applied to become Brazilian investment immigrant

-Brad Clemes, 49; Canadian from Guelph, Ontario; Coca-Cola executive

-Arthur Coakley, 61; British; structural engineer for PDMS

-Bianca Cotta, Brazilian

-Ana Luis Curty, Brazilian

-Leonardo Dardengo, Brazilian

-Jose Roberto Gomes da Silva, Brazilian

-Juliana de Aquino, Brazilian

-Carlos Eduardo de Mello, Brazilian

-Solu Wellington Vieira de Sa, Brazilian

-Jane Deasy, 27; Irish; doctor

-Marc Dubois, 58; French; flight captain of AF447

-Simone Elias, Brazilian

-Marcia Mosconde Faria, Brazilian

-Sonia Ferreira, Brazilian

-Adriana Henriques, Brazilian

-Walter Carrilho Junior, Brazilian

-Izabela Kestler, Brazilian

-Jozsef Gallasz, 44; Hungarian; partner of Hungarian victim Rita Szarvas.

-Gao Jiachun, 27, Chinese; an employee with Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. in south China city of Shenzhen

-Gao Xing, 39, Chinese; manager of trade company under Benxi Iron & Steel

-Antonio Gueiros; Brazilian; information systems director, Michelin

-Michael Harris, 60; American, from Lafayette, Louisiana; geologist

-Anne Harris; American, from Lafayette, Louisiana

-Erich Heine, 41; South African-born; member of executive board of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG

-Claus-Peter Hellhammer, 28; employee of ThyssenKrupp Steel AG based in Germany

-Veronica Ivanovitch, Brazilian

-Giovanni Battista Lenzi, Trentino area, Italy

-Leonardo Pereira Leite, Brazilian

-Li Mingwen, 44, Chinese; deputy general manager of Benxi Iron & Steel based in China’s northeastern Liaoning Province

-Jean Claude Lozouet, Brazilian

-Zoran Markovic, 45; Croatian, from Kostelji, Croatia; sailor

-Jose Gregorio Marques, Brazilian

-Maria Teresa Marques, Brazilian

-Nelson Marinho, Brazilian

-Carlos Mateus, Brazilian

-Gustavo Mattos, Brazilian

-Marco Antonio Camargos Mendonca, 44, Brazilian, worked for Vale SA mining company

-Luis Claudio Monlevad, Brazilian

-Tadeu Moraes, Brazilian

-Eduardo Moreno, Brazilian

-Marcelo Oliveira, Brazilian

-Christine Pieraerts; French; engineer at Michelin

-David Robert, 37; French; co-pilot of AF447

-Bruno Pelajo, Brazilian

-Marcela Pellizzon, Brazilian

-Ferdinand Porcard, Brazilian

-Sonia Maria Cordeiro Porcaro, Brazilian

-Deise Possamai, Brazilian

-Luciana Seba, Brazilian

-Shen Zuobing, about 40, Chinese; former material section chief, Benxi Iron & Steel

-Ana Carolina Silva, Brazilian

-Angela Cristina de Oliveira Silva, Brazilian

-Joao Marques Silva, Brazilian

-Jose Souza, Brazilian

-Adriana Sluijs, Brazilian

-Sun Lianyou, 49, Chinese; director of smelting plant, Benxi Iron & Steel

-Rita Szarvas; Hungarian; therapist at a Budapest center for children with motor disabilities. Her 7-year-old son was also aboard, but his name was not released.

-Maria Vale, Brazilian

-Francisco Vale, Brazilian

-Paulo Vale, Brazilian

-Eithne Walls, 29; Irish; doctor

-Xiao Xiang, 35, Chinese; associate research fellow at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing

-Rino Zandonai; Trentino area, Italy.

-Zhang Qingbo, 54, Chinese; manufacturing department head, Benxi Iron & Steel

-Luigi Zortea; Trentino area, Italy.


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